I have not yet lived

Not by the social standards

No marriage; no children

Alas, no next generation of family


No interest in the living

Stumbling along my life

Trudging slowly with pain

Deep in my heart where it hurts

Unknown to others

It shatters slowly

Bleeding all within

Slowly growing into tumor

Of sadness


Letting go

You were there always

At the end of the day

I look at you before I go sleep

I did not know you were changing

I always thought you were funny

Even it cost another their pride

Pinching penny was not that hard

But pinching my heart,

It hurt slowly and for a very long time

I asked myself what wrong I did

You left me bitter and angry

No penny to own, no roof to claim my own

For a very long time I didn’t realize

When I realized the truth

That the mistake was not mine

I let go of you from my life and my memory

You did not know how to be a father

Now, I rather not be your child.

My past was with you; inseparable and interconnected

But my present and my future is mine alone

From now on, you cease to exist in it.